About Us

Our History

On December 28, 1888 a group formed a company for the purpose of providing themselves and the Marysville community with better fire insurance facilities. It was agreed to call the newly formed company The Marshall County Farmers Mutual Fire and Lightning Insurance Association. The object of the association was determined as being to mutually insure its members against loss or damage by fire or lightning. On March 16, 1889 the company was granted its first charter by the Kansas Insurance Department. As an adjunct to the original association a charter was issued for The Farmers Mutual Fire & Tornado Insurance Company on September 24, 1898 to organize a tornado insurance company. The two companies merged on March 10, 1932. The name of the company was changed to The Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. Coverage was broadened to cover loss or damage by hail as well as fire, lightning and tornado. On January 2, 1956 the name of the company was changed to The Marysville Mutual Insurance Company. Today, there are 240 agencies over the entire state of Kansas writing $33 million in premiums for Marysville Mutual. The Company offers Homeowner; Farmowner; Dwelling Fire; Farm Fire & Inland Marine coverage.

Our Mission

To be a financially strong Mutual Company providing a stable market for quality insurance products with exceptional customer service at a competitive price.